• What NASSCOM is and what we do

    We, NASSCOM, are a non-profit association with around 1300 members from wide range of areas including IT, ITES and the product sectors. Our primary motive is to maintain close interaction with the government of India in formulating national policies focusing on IT software and services. NASSCOM is a premier trade organization and a chamber of commerce of such industries.

  • Our need...

    We once hosted an event, "EMERGE-50", for which we needed to collect and analyze data about emerging and new start-ups. The plan was to reach out to around 300 such companies, have them input data and gauge them on various aspects. Not as easy as it sounds because we wanted the entire bunch of data to be available for download in a particular format. It sure seemed to be a fairly complex process, until we stumbled upon Zoho Creator.

  • ... before Zoho Creator

    Just as any other organization would have done, we too tried out a few other services, Survey Monkey and the likes. But our requirements were way beyond what Survey Monkey had to offer. Not that it was limited, but it was never meant for our needs, which is why we had to look for an enterprise solution.

    For instance, some fields needed to be automatically populated with data based on the user input. We wanted the freedom to customize the form; re-branding of the form was of priority to us. Navigation between multiple forms needed to be easy and simple, especially because the questionnaire itself was a bit too lengthy.

  • I Have Never Written a Single Line of Code in All My Life. Yet, I Never was Intimidated by the Interface and Deluge Script.
  • I realized how much you gain if you automate 80% of your work.
  • Ta-da Zoho Creator!

    We've always wanted to use Made-in-India products and Zoho Creator fitted perfectly. It is entirely built out of India, which is also why we enjoy being associated with them. We found that whatever our requirements were, Zoho Creator seemed to possess the solutions. We did not come to know of Zoho Creator all of a sudden. We had already been impressed by Zoho CRM and Zoho Online Office Suite. In fact we at NASSCOM have been following Zoho services for the past 7 years. We hoped Zoho Creator would live up to our expectations and thankfully we haven't looked back since then!

    I recall having Dr. Sridhar Vembu, CEO, Zoho Corporation, come over and deliver the keynote address for us at our annual conference last year in Delhi. It was sheer pleasure.

  • Congenial Support

    Really supportive, indeed. We reached out to them and they stood by us; helped us to fine tune as well as test our application. The turn-around time was very less and it helped greatly in getting our application up and running without delay. That definitely was easy on our productivity. We were able to make many modifications to suit our ever-changing needs. It might not have been possible without their ready help because the questionnaire, as I already mentioned, was a bit complex for us to handle alone.

  • A Walk in the clouds

    Apart from "EMERGE-50" we also organized another event - "EMERGE Showcase", a simpler one though. That too had Zoho Creator at the heart of it. Should we come across any such requirement in future, we know who to turn to.