The best MS Access alternative, loaded with cutting-edge business features

Zoho Creator is a platform on which you can easily build and deploy fully featured custom apps for your unique business requirements. You don't even need to have any prior programming knowledge or experience to build apps on Zoho Creator. With over sixteen years of experience in cloud applications,   million users, and   million live applications, we're in it for the long haul—just like your business.


Quick spreadsheet import

Import your spreadsheets and convert them into fully functional applications in a few clicks. Benefit from the automatic data cleansing offered by the Zoho Creator platform, which saves you hours of manual effort.


Intuitive databases

Create seamlessly connected web forms, reports, and dashboards using Zoho Creator's drag-and-drop builders. Integrate your Zoho Creator apps with 600+ third-party apps.


Native mobile

Build native custom apps for web, mobile, and tablets. Rebrand and publish white-labelled apps online. Easily utilize Android and iOS SDKs.


Built-in automation

Set up automated workflows, approval processes, and more, using an in-house point-and-click automation interface.


Progressive web apps

The apps you build on Zoho Creator are also readily available as progressive web apps. Unlock the power of PWAs for your organization, using Zoho Creator.


One-click deployment

Deploy your apps to the web, iOS, and Android in a single click. As there's no need to program them from scratch separately for each platform, you save a huge amount of developer hours.

Zoho Creator: The better MS Access alternative

Time to step up your data management strategy. Packing powerful features and flexible functionality, low-code apps are the future. Ready to make the switch? Give Zoho Creator a shot. Our apps don’t just mean business–they’ll run your business.

  • Feature Zoho Creator Microsoft Access
  • Native mobile functionality    
  • Built-in workflow automation    
  • Versatile REST API integrations out of the box    
  • Low-code development    
  • Powerful built-in reporting features    
  • White-labelled rebranded mobile apps    
  • Dynamic dashboards    
  • Fine-grained permission models    
  • Powerful user login portals    

Ready to take the leap?

Zoho Creator is the best Microsoft Access alternative. Switch to Zoho Creator now, and give your database a new lease on life—as a custom app!

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