Why do excel users love Zoho Creator?Zoho Creator is a refreshing platform transforming cumbersome spreadsheets into easy to manage business apps.
Now it's your turn to move spreadsheets into dynamic efficient custom apps on Zoho Creator.
And build mobile ready apps in minutes. Simplify your work. Get more done in less time.

If that is not reason enough here are a few benefits:

Database on the Cloud

With Zoho Creator, you can centralize all of your data in one place, giving people secure access to make updates anytime, anywhere, on any device. With Zoho Creator, you will never.

Collaborate with Ease

Overcome limitations such as cumbersome sharing, multiple versions of spreadsheets, painstaking mash up of siloed data. Zoho Creator applications make it simple to share, collate, analyze and report.

Zero Infrastructure

The hardware and software components only drain you of funds by constantly wanting upgrades and maintenance. Why hang on to them when you can do well without them?

Custom Apps for your Needs

Every business is unique. Build apps that are aligned to your business process. We provide you easy-to-use tools to build solutions that are as unique as your needs.

Workflow and Business Rules

Automate the recurring actions that make up your team's daily work. Define business rules and workflows that simplify your team's work.

Built for Non-Programmers

The intuitive drag-and-drop interface and shallow learning curve empower even non-programmers to build robust apps. 60% of our users have no technical expertise, yet built their own apps.

Mobile Ready Apps

Take work along with you. Complete tasks or access data while on the move. Give your workforce the power to stay productive even on the go.


Your data is not limited to the app. Easily link data to other applications on the web with APIs and explore the possibilities.

Do you want to move your spreadsheets now?

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Zoho Creator is used by enterprises, small businesses, educational institutes and non-profits.