Access Databases from Anywhere "Zoho Creator is like Microsoft Access online" - LifeHacker

Database on the Cloud

All your databases are on the cloud, though not literally. So, to build and deploy apps, all you need is a web browser. Not necessarily on a PC; Those on iThings and smartphones too would do beautifully.

Easy Collaboration

This is something you've always longed for in MS Access, but have been deprived of. With online collaboration, you can share your database with anyone across the globe, without duplicating the data.

Zero Infrastructure

The big hardware and costly software components only drain you of funds by constantly wanting upgrades and maintenance. Why hang on to them when you can do well without them?

Custom Apps for Custom Needs

Every business is unique; so are their problems. And one shrinkwrapped software box is surely not going to solve all of them. That is why we provide you easy-to-use tools to build solutions that are as unique as your needs.

Workflow and Business Rules

Workflow and business rules help to automate your business process, thus minimizing manual intervention. To achieve this, specify the conditions and the tasks to implement during these conditions.

Built for Non-Programmers

Drag-and-drop interface and shallow learning curve empower even non-programmers to build robust apps on their own. Here is the proof: 60% of our users have no technical expertise, yet built their own apps.

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Zoho Creator is used by entrepreneurs, small businesses, educational institutes and non-profits.