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Custom education ERP on Zoho Creator

With Zoho Creator, you can build tailor-made education software on your own, with little to no coding knowledge. You can also choose one of our many prebuilt education software templates and get started right away. Moreover, if you have an existing database set up, our migration tool lets you upload your data instantly and begin the app making process.

End-to-end school and higher education ERP solutions for every stakeholder

From admissions to accounting, take care of everything with cloud-based applications. Build apps with minimal coding, or install prebuilt ones and customize them as needed.

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Low-code and logistics Low-code and logistics
  • Admissions

    Collect and organize admission-related data and documents in the cloud. Monitor student and staff intake by department, or automate administrative tasks like generating ID numbers, segmenting classes, and a lot more.

  • Course planning

    Generate customized timetables for staff, students, and department heads. Use online forms to collect course and faculty preferences, map daily slots with courses, and assign faculty based on their availability.

    Course planning
  • Attendance

    Ditch the bulky attendance books and switch to an online attendance management app. Configure the app to send messages to absent students—or their parents—and update them on anything they missed.

  • Exams and grading

    Easily create online forms to enter and update grades for tests and assignments. Use detailed reports to compare and analyze performance over assessment periods, and alter teaching methods accordingly.

    Exams and grading
  • Event management

    From symposiums to festivals, make every event a success. Plan activities, gather volunteers, and send invites. Monitor registrations and schedule reminders to be delivered to participants.

    Event management
  • Accounting

    Manage your transactions online, by integrating your application with your existing payment gateway. Make transactions like fee collection and salary payment right from the app.

  • Communication

    Send email alerts to students and parents about academics, extracurricular events, emergencies, delays, and cancellations.


A low-code powered, custom education ERP platform

  • Manage accounts
  • Oversee schedules
  • Govern fee payment
  • Manage courses
  • Handle attendance
  • Track assignments
  • Run events
What can you use Zoho Creator for?
  • Send newsletters
  • Conduct admissions
  • Organize libraries
  • Store student details
  • Notify via SMS
  • Save staff details
  • Automate tasks

Quickly build customizable education management applications and integrate them seamlessly

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Personalized Portals

Stay ahead. Stay connected.


Admin Portal

Run your institute—or group of institutes—from the palm of your hand. With all the administrative information on a single, readily accessible dashboard, you'll never have to waste time searching through tabs and files.


Faculty Portal

Make it easier for faculty to collect student information and schedules, and mark sheets at a glance. Organize lesson plans, connect with colleagues, students, and management, and view courses right from their portal.


Student Portal

Put an end to crowding around the bulletin board for academic and extracurricular updates. Students can now instantly download study materials and help improve the learning experience for others by submitting course feedback.


Parent Portal

Parents can learn all about what's happening at the institute—and their child's performance—just by logging in to their dashboard. They can also make payments and get receipts through the portal.

Anytime. Anywhere. Any device.

Stay connected to your business, no matter where you are. With Zoho Creator, the apps you build or install are automatically available on iOS and Android devices.

"Here's how SRM University, one of India's leading universities, went paperless with Zoho Creator."

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Give your institute a technological upgrade with a custom education ERP software

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