View Types

Zoho Creator supports the following view creation formats. You can display your form data in the following formats:

List View: A list view is similar to a table view with rows and columns of data.

Grid View: A grid view presents a tabular view of data, where each column represents a field and each row represents a record.

Calendar View: A calendar view displays your data in a calendar format, based on a date field in your form.

Summary View: A summary view displays the summary of each record.

Chart View: Charts are visual illustrations of your data. They help you to easily analyze your data at a single glance. Zoho Creator supports Pie charts, Column charts, Bar charts, Line charts, Area and Web charts.

HTML View: The HTML view enables you to create customized views by combining HTML code and Deluge script. You can create a static HTML page as a view and use this page to deliver dynamic content from your datastore using Deluge Script.