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Show / Hide Columns in a Report


Columns are elements of Reports. Each Column corresponds to a Field of a Form (on which the Report is based). By default, a Column is created for all the Fields in the Form.

Zoho Creator enables you to define the Columns that your Report should, or should not, display. If you do not want a Column to be displayed in the Report, you can hide it. There are two ways of doing this -

  1. Edit the Report, as mentioned in this section.
  2. Access the Report and hide the required Column(s), as mentioned in this section.
Note: Hiding a Column does not delete the Column or the data it displays, but merely hides it from being displayed.

Show / Hide Columns in a Report

By Editing the Report

You can edit your Report to show / hide a Column. For this,

  1. Open Dashboard -> Reports tab.
  2. Select the required Report and go to Report Settings -> Column Properties tab. Note the sections mentioned in the below screenshot.

  3. To hide a Column, click on the Delete icon that appears beside it.

On clicking the Deleteicon, the Column is removed from the Columns shown section and is displayed in the Hidden Columns section. In the below given screenshot, the Column Department appears in the Hidden Columns section.

To show a hidden Column, you need to just drag-and-drop the required Column from the Hidden Columns section, and access your Report (for the change to reflect).

By Accessing the Report and hiding Column(s)

You can hide Columns even while accessing your Report. For this,

  1. Access the required Report.
  2. Click on the Eye icon on the left, as shown below. All the Columns present in the Columns shown section (as mentioned here), will be displayed in a menu.

  3. Uncheck the required Column from the menu, and click Done. The Report will reload and only the checked Columns will be displayed.

As shown in the below screenshot, you may note the asteric sign (*) beside the Report's Display name. This appears whenever a change has been made while accessing the Report (for example: a Column is hid, or the Report is displaying the records matching a particular criteria, etc.).

Unless you Remove Changes in your Report (as shown above), everytime you access your Report, the selected Columns only will be displayed. To see the other Columns, you will need to click the Eye icon and select the required Columns.

Note: The difference between these two methods -

  • When you do not want certain Column(s) to be available when accessing your Report, you should Edit your Report.
  • When you Access your Report and hide a Column, that Column will be available, but hidden, in your Report. This may be opted when you wish to view only the required Columns (from the available ones) in your Report.

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