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Set Number Of Records Per Page

You can customize the number of records to be displayed per page, in your Report. For this,

  1. For the required Report, open the Report Settings -> Summary tab (as shown in the below given screenshot).
  2. Mouseover Display Properties section, and click Edit. This will enable you to edit the parameters within this section.
  3. Set the Records per page with a value from the drop-down, and click Save.

  • In the new version of Zoho Creator, the Records per page setting has been deprecated. Users do not have to switch from page to page to view all records; they need to just scroll down through the Report.

For Summary Reports, you can customize an additional parameter Records per row in the Display Properties section (as mentioned above).

  • Using this, you can set the number of records that are to be displayed per row in your Summary Report.
  • Its value ranges from 1 to 5, i.e., a maximum of 5 records can be displayed per row in a Summary Report.

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