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Set Column Widths

By default, the width of the columns in a Report is set depending upon the contents of columns being displayed in the Report. If there are a few columns, the width of the columns is adjusted so that the Report fits into the browser. However when the number of columns displayed in the Report increases, horizontal scroll bar appears, and you can modify the width of the columns displayed in the Report as per your requirement.

To customize the width of each column in a report, 

    1. Go to Edit mode of the application.
    2. Select the Report from the Reports tab.
    3. In the Report Settings page, select the Column Properties tab.
    4. Click on Change Column Width link and specify the appropriate width of each column.
    5. By default, the column widths are set to Auto. You can specify the width of the column in pixels and click on Done to set the column width.


  • The column widths will be adjusted only if the horizontal scroll bar is displayed in the reports page.

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