Report Settings

The below given screenshot shows the Report Settings page that is applicable for List, Summary, Grid, Spreadsheet and Calendar Reports in your Zoho Creator Application. To view the same, open your app's Dashboard -> Reports tab and click on the required Report. For configuring Pivot Tables and Pivot Charts, refer this page.

The Report Settings page enables you to configure the properties of your Reports. You can edit the Display name, Link name and Display type, set Criteria and Filters, Restrict Visibilty, configure Custom Actions, Publish your Report, etc.

As shown in the above screenshot, the Report Settings will have the below given tabs -


You will see 3 sections in this - Basic Details, Display Properties, and Criteria.

  • ​​Basic Details - You can view and edit the Display name and Link name of your Report. Refer Rename a Report to know more. The Based on indicates the Form on which the Report is based.
  • Display Properties - You can edit the Display type, and set the Records per page - number of records to be displayed per page, in your Report. Refer Change Report Type and Set number of records per page to know more.
  • Criteria - You can set criteria to create Reports with specialized reporting needs. Learn more.
Column Properties

Columns are elements of Reports which correspond to Fields (elements of Forms) in a one-to-one (1:1) manner. You can -

  • Select the Fields which are to be displayed in the Report, by dragging-and-dropping them. Learn more.
  • Rearrange the Columns in the Report. Learn More.
  • Edit the Column's Display Name. Learn more.
  • Change Column Width by providing the approximate width in pixels / percentage. Learn more.
  • Display the sum, average, minimum and maximum value, of any numeric Field in the Report. Learn more.
Grouping & Sorting
  • Set Grouping - You can group your data based on specific Fields in your Report. Grouping creates sub-lists within a List Report. Learn more.
  • Set Sorting - By default, a List Report displays the records in the order in which they are added, i.e., the latest records are listed on top. You can sort records on the required column(s) in ascending or descending order, to display meaningful Reports. Learn more.

Filters are a set of named criteria that allow you to select and display only specific entries in a Report. Learn more.

Restrict Visibility

You can -

  • Allow visibility of report to, i.e., define who can view or access the Report, and,
  • Define the actions that can be performed by those who have access to the Report. Learn more.
Custom Actions

Custom Actions are actions performed on selected records in a Report, by executing Function calls. Learn more.

Conditional Formatting You can define conditional formatting, and thereby highlight specific data displayed in your Reports. Learn more.
Record Summary

The Record Summary feature enables you to create a customized summary for each record, by just dragging-and-dropping the required Fields.


You can Publish, i.e., give public or open access to, the components (Forms, Reports, Pages) in your Zoho Creator Application. You can also Embed them in your website / blog. Learn more.

  • This opens a Script Builder, wherein the Deluge script definition of the Report, including all its settings, is displayed.
  • If you are familiar with Deluge scripting, you may edit the Report's definition here (besides navigating to the above mentioned tabs under Report Settings).