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Rename a Report


Zoho Creator offers the flexibility to edit a Report's Display name and Link name, anytime after you create your Application. You may note that a Report's,

  • Display name can be viewed while accessing the Report (Departments, in the below given image).
  • Link name can be viewed as part of the URL while accessing the Report (Department_View​, in the below given image). The Link name is also used internally in Deluge Script.

Steps to rename a Report

To rename a Report, i.e., edit it's Display name or Link name,

  1. Open your app's Dashboard -> Reports tab.
  2. Select the required Report and open Report Settings -> Summary tab.
  3. In the Basic Details section, mouseover the name you wish to edit, and click on the pencil icon beside it (as shown below). Make your changes and press Enter to update them.

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