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To show the latest of a clients record that matches a given criteria

You can choose to show only the latest record of each client that matches a certain criteria on that view. For example – show the latest record of each client where its ‘Rank’ field contains the string “KYU”

  1. Add a script to fetch the record from the form that matches the specified criteria.
    if(count(yourFormName [ClientName == "Jay" &&Rank == "KYU"]) >0)
    requiredRecord = yourFormName[ClientName == "Jay" &&Rank == "KYU"] sort by Modified_Time desc range from 1 to 1;
    thisID = requiredRecord.ID;


    In the above code this ID is the user-defined variable that holds the ID of the latest record that matches the specified criteria.

  2. Navigate to your View for this Table by specifying the view name and the ID of the record in the openurl Deluge task.
    openurl("#View:yourViewName?ID=" + thisID,"same window");

You can also deploy the code in an HTML View and just render the other fields in the record using Html code. The other fields can be referenced using requiredRecord.fieldX like references.

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