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Delete Child Records

If a record in a Form (table) is deleted that has “child” records in another Form, the child records are not deleted. The application Deleting child nodes illustrates how to delete child records when a record is deleted from the parent Form.The application comprises of two Forms:

  • Client Form to enter the client name (Master Form). 
  • Client Details form to enter each client details (Child Form with lookup to the Client Form).

Adding Deluge Script

When a record is deleted from the parent Form (Client form), the on delete ->on validate script added to this Form will delete all the child records corresponding to this client, from the Client Details Form. To add the script in the Client Form,

  • Select the from the Forms tab and click on More Actions ->On Delete ->Validate
  • Use the Delete Records task to delete records from the Client_Details form with the specified criteria.
on delete
on validate
delete from Client_Details[ Client_Name == input.Name ];

The above script will delete the records from the Client Details form and then delete its parent record from the Client form.

Note: Deleting of child records from the on delete ->on success script is not supported

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