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Delete a Report

Steps to delete a Report

You may delete an obsolete Report from your Zoho Creator Application. To do so,

  1. Open your Application's Dashboard -> Reports tab.
  2. Mouseover on the required Report. Click on the (rightmost) X icon, with Delete written below it, as shown below.


  1. Open your Application's Dashboard -> Forms tab.
  2. Click Reports below any Form. You will see all the Reports that are based on that Form.
  3. Mouseover on the required Report. Click on the X icon, with Delete written below it.

Points to remember

  • Report is a component meant to view data alone. Thus, on deleting a Report, the data it displays is not deleted; it still remains in the database. If you create a Report for the same Form again, you will see the same data.
  • However, if a Form is deleted, both - the data (entered through it) and all its Reports, are instantly deleted.

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