Share Application


By default, an application created using Zoho Creator is private. It can be accessed only by the application owner, who by default is an admin user of the application. The admin user can share the entire application or only the required sections or components (forms, reports and pages) with individual users or groups, and assign access permissions to them.

The number of users with whom an application can be shared, depends on the subscription plan.

Note: To enable public access to the components in your application, i.e., to enable users to access them without having to login, you need to publish them. Refer publish form, publish report and publish page to learn more.

Share Application

The Application Settings -> Share tab displays all the sections in the app, and the components grouped in them. Here, you can select the required section(s) and/or components and share them with individual users and groups. If a user, with whom an application is shared, does not have a Zoho Creator account, they will need to sign-up using the email address with which the app was shared with them.

When a user adds or modifies a record in a shared application, the name of the user who added/modified the record and the time when it was added/modified will be automatically stored. This information will be displayed in the report if the following columns are selected from the Report Settings -> Column Properties option. Refer the topic Display username and time to learn about this.

Levels of Sharing

Zoho Creator supports three levels of sharing an application with users. You can share:

  1. The entire application, i.e., all components in the application.
  2. Specific sections, i.e., all the components grouped in the required sections.
  3. Specific components in the application.

Share application with individual users/groups

  1. Edit your application.
  2. Open the Application Settings -> Share tab.
  3. Select the required sections or components, displayed under Select Components. (Refer Levels of Sharing for more information)

  4. Click Select Users or Select Groups, displayed on the right. The users/user groups in your account will be listed, as shown below. Select the required users/user groups in the list or click the Select All checkbox, then click Add.
    • The email addresses of the selected users/user groups will appear as comma separated values in the input box below Users and Groups, respectively.
    • Check the Send Invitation checkbox to send an invitation email to the shared users with a link to access the application.
    • Click the Edit Email Content displayed next to the "Send Invitation" checkbox to customize the Subject and Message of the invitation email, as shown below:

  5. Click on the Share Now to share the selected sections or components with the selected users / user-groups.

View Shared Details

Navigate to the Shared Details tab. It lists all the sections and components present in your app and lets you know which of them are shared. Here, you can view the list of users and email addresses with whom the sections and components have been shared. Click on the required section or component to view the list of users and user-groups with whom it is shared.

Unshare in Bulk and Re-invite

  1. Open the Application Settings -> Share tab.
  2. Navigate to the Shared Details tab.
  3. Click the required section or component. The users / user-groups with whom it has been shared, will appear.
  4. Select the required users / user-groups and click Unshare to revoke access to that section / component from the selected users / user-groups. To completely unshare that section / component, check the checkbox next to Unshare and click Unshare.
  5. Select the required users / user-groups and click Re-invite to send another invitation email to the selected users / user-groups.

Manage Users and Groups

The admin user can add new users / user-groups, activate or deactivate or delete users / user-groups, and change roles. Clicking the Manage Users or Manage Groups button, displayed near the top-right of the Application Settings -> Share tab, will redirect to the Account Setup -> Users and Account Setup -> Groups pages, respectively, where the users / user-groups can be managed.