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Add Users


The application owner can add new users with "Role" as User or Developer. A "User" is a person who can access the application or specific forms/views in the application shared to him, based on the access permissions provided. He cannot create/edit applications in the owner/admin's workspace. A user who is configured as a "Developer" can create and access the applications in admin's workspace, if the admin provides edit permissions for the same. A "Workspace" refers to the common space provided to a set of users to facilitate complete management of the applications and work as a cohesive unit.

The application owner/admin can add new users from the Application Settings dialog or directly from the Settings -> Share tab of a specific application or by Adding Deluge Script.

Adding users from the Application Settings dialog

The Application Settings dialog can be invoked by selecting the Settings link displayed below the respective application names in your Home page or by selecting the Share -> Manage Users option on the left pane in your home page. The screen-shot of the same is displayed below:


  1. Select the Manage Users tab from the Settings dialog. You can add new users, delete existing users, activate or deactivate users from the Manage Users tab.
  2. Click Add Users > specify e-mail ids > click Add. By default, a user will be added as Active with role as User. You can share your application only with users whose status is Active. The number of users you can add depends on your subscription plan.

Adding users from the Share tab

To add users from the "Share" tab,

  1. Select the Application name or Page header or the Form/Report displayed on the left-side. For example, selecting the application name will enable access to all the Forms and Views in the application.
  2. Click on Invite tab. This will display the Share dialog where you can enter new e-mail ids or share your application with existing user e-mail ids by selecting Select Users link.
  3. Click Share to add the users.
  4. You can set the role as User or Developer by selecting Manage users option.

Adding users dynamically by writing Deluge Script

The Share/UnShare Deluge task can be used in form/field action scripts to dynamically share or unshare an email address to your application, page, form or view, without going into the edit mode of the application. This feature enables the owner of an application to define roles like "HR Manager", "Employee" etc and add logic to share the forms/views with users, based on the roles assigned. To share your application dynamically using Deluge Scripting, refer Deluge Reference -> Sharing

Adding a user as a developer

A Developer is a user to whom the permission to edit the application can be provided.To add a Developer to your account:

  • From your homepage, click on Settings--> Manage users.
  • In the Manage users page, click on Add User.
  • Enter the email id of the user and select the Role as Developer from the given checkboxes.
  • Click "Add" to add the user to the list.
  • The Role can be changed through the change link displayed next to the “Role” of a user.
  • Now share the application with the developer.
  • Select the developer from the "Choose developer" option in the "Application Settings" page.
  • Now the developer will be able to access/edit the shared application from the workspace Apps. For more details, please refer the following link.

Only one user can be configured as a developer for an application


  • For newly created Zoho Creator Accounts, a Developer can be added by going to Application settings > General  > Change Developer.