Creator Help

Manage Profiles

In Zoho Creator, the profile function controls the permission to access the creator forms, reports and pages, import permissions to import data to the forms and export permissions to export data. Users associated to the profile can access the functions that are assigned to them. Three profiles are provided by default.

    • Administrator Profile: This profile has access to all the features in the Zoho Creator account.
    • Member Profile:  This profile will not have administrative permissions.
    • User Profile: This profile will only have add and view permissions. 

Key Features

Profile controls the following functions:

  • Module-level permissions : Permissions to access the modules (tabs) in the application
  • Record-level permissions: Permissions to create, view, edit, delete records.
  • Field-level permission: Permissions to access the fields in a record. 
  • Import permissions :Permissions to import data to all or specific forms in the application
  • Export permissions: Permissions to iexport data from all or specific forms in the application