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Update Record in Zoho Recruit

 Update Record in Zoho Recruit

You can update a record in Zoho Recruit using the zoho.recruit.updateRecord() Deluge task.


<Recruit Response> = zoho.recruit.updateRecord(moduleName, id, keyValueMap);

<Recruit Response> is the map variable returned by Zoho Recruit as response.
<Module Name> is the name of the Recruit module where the record will be added. JobOpenings, Candidates, Clients, ClientContacts are the allowed modules.
<ID> is the ID of the record in Zoho recruit, to be updated .
<keyValueMap> is the map variable that holds the key,value pairs to be updated. The map key is the label name as specified in the CRM module and the map value is the field value as submitted in the ZC form.


Sample script to update a record in Zoho Recruit .

fetch = Test [ID == 2000000010003];
moduleName = "JobOpenings";
id = 471000000032277;
dataMap = { "Number of positions" : "20", "Attach doc" : fetch.Upload_Document };
resp = zoho.recruit.updateRecord(moduleName, id, dataMap);

 Response Format

The response returned by Zoho Recruit as map.

{"message":"Record(s) updated successfully","Id":"471000000032277"}

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