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Search Records in Zoho Recruit

Search Record

You can search records in a Zoho Recruit module based on a given criteria using zoho.recruit.searchRecords task.


<Recruit Response> = zoho.recruit.searchRecords(moduleName, condition, fromIndex, toIndex);

<Recruit Response> is the map variable returned by Zoho Recruit as response.
<Module Name> is the name of the Recruit module where the record will be added. JobOpenings, Candidates, Clients, ClientContacts are the allowed modules.
<criteria> must be in the following format: ( <colName> | <operator> | <colValue> )

You can specify the following expressions in the criteria :

  • is OR =
  • isn't OR <>
  • contains(*srcString*)
  • starts with(srcString*)
  • ends with(*srcString)
  • doesn't contain
  • < OR is before
  • > OR is after
  • <=
  • =>

<fromIndex> Default value is 1. If fromIndex and toIndex are not specified the above task will fetch a maximum of 20 records only otherwise it will fetch upto 200 records.
<toIndex> - Default value is 20. Maximum value allowed is 200.


Sample script to fetch records from Zoho Recruit and populate it in Zoho Creator.

moduleName = "Clients":
condition = "(Industry|=|Chemicals)";
fromIndex = 2;
toIndex = 3;
resp = zoho.recruit.searchRecords(moduleName,condition, fromIndex, toIndex);

In the above code,

- moduleName "Clients" is the name of the module in Zoho Recruit from which the records will be fetched.

- condition refers to the criteria based on which the records are searched in Zoho recruit.

- resp is the map variable that holds the response from Zoho Recruit.

Response Format

The response returned by Zoho Recruit as map:

{"Created by":"ABC Corp.","Modified by":"ABC Corp.","Modified time":"Today","CLIENTID":"471000000033051",
"Client manager":"ABC Corp.","Created On":"17 Jun","Client":"Sun Films","Industry":"Chemicals"},

{"Created by":"ABC Corp.","Modified by":"ABC Corp.","Modified time":"Yesterday","CLIENTID":"471000000028001",
"Attach contract doc":"test.doc","Created On":"12 Jun","Client":"ZOHO","Industry":"software"}

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