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Upload Documents in Zoho Recruit


The zoho.recruit.uploadDocument() task can be executed to upload important documents related to the candidate, such as identification documents, resume, experience letters etc, to any of the supported modules of Zoho Recruit. By placing it in the required form actions block of Zoho Creator, the process of uploading documents to Zoho Recruit can easily be automated as per requirement. Lets say you have a Zoho Creator form which is used to hold all important documents related to a candidate. To upload documents simultaneously to our Zoho Recruit, you can execute zoho.recruit.uploadDocument() task in the “On Success” form actions block. This will upload specified documents to Zoho Recruit whenever the Zoho Creator form is submitted with candidate’s documents. Further details on how to execute this task are explained below.

 Supported Modules

  • Candidates
  • Job Openings
  • Clients
  • Client Contacts


response = zoho.recruit.uploadDocument(fileName, country, source);

<response> - is the map variable returned by Zoho Recruit as response. 
<fileName> - name of file name that will be uploaded to Zoho Recruit. (mandatory)
<country> - country to which the candidate belongs. (mandatory)
<source> - source of the candidate.


Following is a sample script that can be added in a Zoho Creator form to upload documents to Zoho Recruit. Let's say we have a Creator form containing upload-file fields to upload various documents of a candidate. You can add the following script to On Add -> On Success block of the Creator Form so that whenever this form is submitted, documents are simutaneously uploaded to Zoho Recruit.

response = zoho.recruit.uploadDocument("Resume", "India");

response - is the map variable returned by Zoho Recruit as response. 
Resume - name of file that will be uploaded to Zoho Recruit. 
India - country to which the candidate belongs.


Response returned by Zoho Recruit as map:

{"message":"Candidate added successfully", "Id" : "1687000000116019"}

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