Get Record by ID

 Get Record by ID

You can get records from a CRM module in Zoho Creator form using the getRecordById() task.


crmResp = zoho.crm.getRecordById(<ModuleName>, <record id>);

<ModuleName> is the name of the CRM module from which you want to fetch the related records. For example, to fetch record from module "Leads",
<RecordID> is the ID in CRM based on which the records related to the ID are fetched
<crmResp> is the map variable returned by CRM as response.


crmResp = zoho.crm.getRecordById("Leads", 231356000000121001);

 Response from CRM

{"Lead Owner":"Test","Phone":"34567","LEADID":"231356000000121001","Country":"country","City":"city",
"Created By":"test","No of Employees":"0","MODIFIEDBY":"231356000000034003","Annual Revenue":"0","Email":
"","Created Time":"2012-03-12 18:33:48","Modified By":"sampleapp","SMOWNERID":"231356000000
034003","SMCREATORID":"231356000000034003","Email Opt Out":"false","Company":"test","Last Name":"test","First
Name":"test","Modified Time":"2012-03-12 18:33:48"}


  • All the keys in the response map are case sensitive.

 Using Script Builder

You can define the getrecordbyid() task using Script Builder by following the steps given below:

  1. Drag and drag the Call function to the builder area and select Integration Tasks
  2. Select the Service as Zoho CRM and the function as getrecordbyid
  3. Select the required CRM Module from which you want to fetch the records.
  4. Specify the ID in CRM based on which the records will be fetched.
  5. Specify the CRM Response Variable and click Done to add the task to the script builder.
  6. Click Save Script to add the script.

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