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Get Record By ID Recruit

You can fetch records from a Recruit module and update it in Zoho Creator Form using the zoho.recruit.getRecordsById() task.


resp = zoho.recruit.getRecordById(moduleName, id);

<resp> is the map variable returned by Zoho Recruit as response.
<Module Name> is the name of the Recruit module where the record will be added. JobOpenings, Candidates, Clients, ClientContacts are the allowed modules.
<id> is the id given to the record.


Sample script to fetch records from Zoho Recruit and populate it in Zoho Creator.

moduleName = "JobOpenings";
id = 471000000032277;
jobOpeningResp = zoho.recruit.getRecordById(moduleName, id);

In the above code,

- moduleName "JobOpenings" is the name of the module in Zoho Recruit from which the records will be fetched.

- jobOpeningresp is the map variable that holds the response from Zoho Recruit.

Response Format

The response returned by Zoho Recruit as map.

{"Posting title":"Test","Published in website":"false","Job opening status":"In-progress","JOBOPENINGID":"471000000032277","Posted on":"18 Jun","Country":"India","Created by":"Ayisha Shajahan (1)","Assigned recruiter":"Ayisha Shajahan (1)","Modified time":"Yesterday","Modified by":"Ayisha Shajahan (1)","Job opening ID":"29","Attach doc":"Azeez.doc","Client manager":"Ayisha Shajahan (1)","Number of positions":"20","Client":"ZOHO Creator"}

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