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It is possible to process multiple list values using Deluge scripting. Let us take the example of the Feature Tracking application in the Zoho Market place  to illustrate how to process multiple list values in Zoho Creator.

The Feature Tracking application comprises of forms to assign features to specific developers and schedule meetings with developers on assigned features. It comprises of the following forms:


The Developers form given below, is used to store the name, email id, joining date and the professional level of the developers.


The Features form given below is used to submit a feature by assigning developers to a feature. Here, the field Developers is a multi-select lookup to the Developers form. Multiple developers can be assigned to a single feature. The selection of developers is subject to the following constraints:

  • Not more than 4 developers can be assigned to a specific feature.

Deluge Scripts added to the Application

The script shown below is added to the Form Actions ->On Add ->validate section under the Features form. The If condition checks the total number of developers in the list using the <list>.size() function, where input.Developers is multi-list field. If the total developers selected exceeds 4, an alert message is displayed and the submission is cancelled.

 if (input.Developers.size() >4)
 alert "Policy prevents more than 4 developers to be assigned a single feature";
 cancel submit;

To install the application,

Learn how to install the application to your account - click here.

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