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Create Expense Category

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The Deluge task zoho.invoice.createexpensecategory() will create an expense category in your Zoho Invoice account.

Deluge syntax

<Inv Response> = zoho.invoice.createexpensecategory(<CategoryName>, <Description>);

<CategoryName> refers to the name of the expense category. (Mandatory)
<Description> a short description of the expense category
<Inv Response> is the map variable returned by Zoho Invoice as response.


resp = zoho.invoice.createexpensecategory("Travel", "Daily travel expenses");

Response format

{"Status":"1","Description":"Daily travel expenses","CategoryName":"Travel","CreatedTime":"2012-03-14 16:12:46 IST",
"CategoryID":"141995000000069061","LastModifiedTime":"2012-03-14 16:12:46 IST"}

  • "Status" is "1" -> Active
  • "Status" is "2" -> InActive

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