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Zoho Creator Field Types

Zoho Creator supports 25 types of form fields. The type of the field has to be specified while creating the form. The field type has to be chosen based on the data it should contain. If the field should contain only a date value, then choose the column to be of type date. If it is to contain a value out of a set of values, then choose a picklist. It you want the list also be be modifiable by users, then choose a import data field. The table below lists all the field types supported by zoho creator, their description and data type.

Field Types Description DataType
in scripting
Single Line Text Use this field to hold plain text or text that can contain any type of character. String
Multi Line Text This is similar to a single line text field and can contain any type of character, but with more text area. Appropriate for a comments or a notes field in a form. String
Eollowing arguments: 

expression - Required.  A string field or an expression that can be converted to int, decimal, timestamp, string format.

Return Value

Returns true if the vlaue is null. 


Name="Zoho Creator" 
isNull(Name)   //returns false

isNull(today);  // returns false

text=" "
isNull(text);   // returns true