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Create Records in Zoho Recruit

 Add a Record in Zoho Recruit

You can use Zoho Creator Form to collect information and populate it in Zoho Recruit using zoho.recruit.addRecord() Deluge task.


<Recruit Response> = zoho.recruit.addRecord(<Module Name>, <keyValueMap> , <emailAlert>, <duplicateCheck>);
//emailAlert and duplicateCheck optional

<Recruit Response> is the map variable returned by Zoho Recruit as response.
<Module Name> is the name of the Recruit module where the record will be added. JobOpenings, Candidates, Clients, ClientContacts are the allowed modules.
<Key Value Map> is the map variable that holds the key,value pairs. The map key is the column name of the table as specified in Zoho Recruit and the map value is the field value as submitted in the Zoho Creator form. For example, "First Name" : input.First_Name . Here, "First Name" is the colum name of table mentioned as Table Name argument and input.First_Name refers to the value specified in the First_Name field in the Zoho Creator form.
<emailAlert> set "true" to send mail configured in Zoho recruit and "false" not to send mail even if email alert is set for the specified module.
<duplicateCheck> - set "false" to search if the record already exists, "true" to update the record if exists. If either true or false is not set then the record will be added as a new record.


Sample script to create a new record in Zoho Recruit. You can add the script to On Add -> On Success block of the Creator Form.

moduleName = " ClientContacts";
clientContactMap = { "First name" : "Prathab", "Last name" : "Kumar", "Nick name" : "Chinku","Email" : "",
"Work phone" : "9876", "Client" : "Kaushik" };
emailAlert = true;
duplicateCheck = false;
resp = zoho.recruit.addRecord(moduleName, clientContactMap , emailAlert, duplicateCheck);

Note: In this example, the values specified for "First name", "Last name", etc. are static values and hence enclosed in quotes.  If the value is a field value as submitted in the Zoho Creator Form, it should not be enclosed in quotes.  For example, "First Name" : input.First_Name 

 Response Format

The response returned by Zoho Recruit as map.
{"message":"Record(s) added successfully","Id":"471000000044125"}


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