Understand microservices

Understand microservices

Microservices are small, independent services or components of app that can easily be deployed to work in tandem with your application. You can build a robust application for your business. However, as your business grows, you will find that the components that your application comprise increasingly become complex. To break down this complexity, microsevices provides you the facility to incorporate small pieces of apps that are individually functional and can be used in your Creator app to achieve specific business goals.

In Zoho Creator, there are three kinds of microservices that you can use. The first is a Connection. A connection enables you to connect to a third party service. Second, we have Datasources. A datasource is coupled with connection to manage data in third party modules. The third one is the AI model which is based on the AI fields in Creator.

Let's assume you have a Sales Management app to quantify sales related data. The app can have modules that capture information on sales personnel, sales managers, customers, prospects, successful deals, terminated orders, competitor success rate, and more. You can have dashboards to display cumulative data on the sales, prospects, and terminated deals. In this you can include AI to make projections for the upcoming months based on your previous sales and prospective deals that are in the pipeline. For this, you can resort to the AI model available in microservices.

On the other hand, you might have another third party service for customer relationships management. You can create a link between your sales management app and the said third party service using a connection that will enable automated interaction between the two apps.

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