Manage datasources

Manage datasources

Datasource is used to manage a module from a third party service in Creator with the help of the connection created linking the said service. This enables you to access data housed in an external service and use it in your Zoho Creator applications. Let's assume you have a Zoho CRM account in which you have data in Leads module. If that service provides API support for Create, Read, Update, and Delete actions for the Leads module, you will be able to manage that module in Creator itself. But to connect with that particular account, you need to create a connection and authorize access. This creates a secure form of managing data across platforms.

On successfully creating the datasource, you can create a form based on the required module in your Creator application. The fields in the third party module automatically become the fields of this newly created form. When you submit a record in Creator using the form, a record gets added in the third party module as well. This action is performed with the help of the authorized connection that is created for this service.

Create datasource

The prerequisite to create a datasource is to create a connection and authorize it. A connection becomes the bridging link between your application and the external service that has the required data. To create a new datasource:

  1. Navigate to Microservices.
  2. Click Create New button.
  3. Click Create under Datasources.
  4. Select the required service.
  5. Select the connection for the service.
  6. Select the module based on which the datasource needs to be created.
  7. Enter name of your datasource.
  8. Click Create button. The datasource is created.
Note: Please note the you need to enable connection access to the application to be able to create datasource.

Datasource access

The Datasource details page of each of the datasource that you have created provides information specific to it. The Datasource Access section lists the list of applications. You can enable access to those applications. By doing so, the datasource will be available for those applications.

Delete datasource

To delete datasource:

  1. Navigate to Microservices. The window will appear with the listing for the microservices.
  2. Hover on the datasource.
  3. Click ellispe icon.
  4. Select Delete. The delete confirmation pop up will appear.
  5. Click Delete button. The datasource will be removed.

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