Understand user connections

User Connections

A connection is required to access and transfer data to your other Zoho and third-party SaaS from Zoho Creator. To achieve this, you can select from the available extensive list of services, create a connection for the selected service, authorize it using your credentials and use it in places where integration is required. Click here to learn how to create a user connection.


  • Ideally, you can create more than one connection for the same service. However, for payment services like Paypal, Razorpay, or WorldPay, you can only create one connection per service. 
  • The availability of the payment services differs based on your country/region.


  • You want to push data from a Zoho Creator field Vendor name to your Quickbooks account's Vendor module every time the form is submitted. You can achieve this using integrations actions in form workflow. To do so, create a Quickbooks connection, authorize it with the desired account's credentials, and supply it to the Connections field while configuring the integrations action.
  • To access your Jira Cloud account using its REST APIs from your Zoho Creator application, you can create a Jira Cloud connection, authorize it, and use the connection link name in invoke URL Deluge task. The invoke URL task will perform the specified API call to your connected Jira Cloud account.
  • You can create a connection for the required service, authorize it using your credentials, and use it in the data source to sync other Zoho or third-party SaaS data with your application.

User connections can be used in the following places:

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