Understand system connections

Understand system connections

When a user connection cannot be applied where integration is required in your application, the system automatically generates a connection with access to all modules of the target service in the backend. The super admin of the application can authorize the connection in order to perform the integration. This type of connection is called the system connection. Click here to learn how to authorize a system connection.

Note: Only a super admin can authorize a system connection. 


  • When a Zoho CRM - Get records Deluge integration task is executed without the optional connection param, the system automatically generates a connection to access all Zoho CRM modules. To execute the integration script successfully, the super admin needs to authorize it using their account credentials.
  • You want to push data collected using Zoho Creator fields First Name, Last Name, and Email to your Zoho Recruit account's Candidates module each time the form is submitted. You can achieve this using integrations actions in form workflow. Once the integration action is configured, the system automatically generates a Zoho Recruit connection in the backend. The super admin can authorize it to allow Zoho Creator to push data to Zoho Recruit. 

The following are the places system connections are generated:

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