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(This topic is currently deprecated.)

Following is the list of features that we are currently working on. We cannot give a definite expected date for these features. Time frame for each of these features may vary between 2 weeks to few months to get completed. The list will be updated as and when we take any new features. Once these features get completed, they will be listed here

  • Paypal support -Only for Paid edition
  • Custom Actions reordering and grouping
  • Searchable Lookup field - Options in the lookup field will be displayed as auto complete
  • Display formula field in the form
  • Custom Domain -Only for Paid edition
  • Support for related data for multi-select & single-select in view. Data values will be linked to see further details.
  • Integration with Google Apps - (Support for GDocs in File upload field, GApps users/groups in Sharing)
  • Ability to define a formula like text to show up in a single-select /multi-select lookup field.
  • Ability to map existing relationship as inverse lookup fields
  • File attachment in Send Mail task (
  • Aggregate Record Tasks: Support for calculating SUM/COUNT/MIN/MAX of form's field values. This will help creating applications without iterating the records.
    Example usage julymonthsales = Order_Info[Month == 7].sum(amount);
  • Support for large data for single-select /multi-select in the client
  • Email Alias support for Email Data - More
  • Group sharing (Nearing completion)
  • Sub Form - Only for Paid edition
  • Ability to include ZohoCRM Modules in creator Application - Only for Paid edition
  • Safari support
  • Chrome support
  • Insert task to return last added records ID value (More details)
  • Login URL for embeddedpublicforms & views. (yet to start) - More Details
  • Rich Text Editor for Multiline field
  • Scheduler More details
  • Zoho Reports Integration More details
  • Import Data improvisation
  • Support for posting data to Google API (More details)
  • New record button next to look up fields (Completed)
  • Form Submission Enhancements (Completed)
    - Immediate response from the client for form submission
    - Error message display to have a OK button
  • New Menu for Edit Mode (Completed)
  • Label Alignment options for Form (Top, Left, and Right)(Completed)
  • Overall Performance improvement and specifically for script action execution and fetching records(Completed)
  • IP Address Field(Completed)
  • Range search for Date and Numeric fields(Completed)
  • Deluge Code Editor improvisation(Completed)
  • Print Support(Completed)
  • Passing form in the function argument and related improvement in custom action(Completed)
  • Proper date format support in script (date format handling and timezone handling)(Completed)
  • New record button next to look up fields(Postponed)
  • Support for large data for single-select /multi-select in the client(Postponed)
  • Out of the box support for Wizard with previous next buttons(Postponed)
  • iCal Feed (Community Feature) (Completed)
  • Remember last editor state (Freeflow or Scriptbuilder)(Completed)
  • Target support in open url(Completed)
  • Replace All function in deluge(Completed)
  • Html view to pdf(Completed)