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Here's a set of Walkthrough videos that can help you with a better understanding of Zoho Creator.

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Zoho Creator Walkthrough

Every day, Zoho Creator helps dozens of businesses, create and manage a wide range of business applications for varied needs. With Zoho Creator, you can build tailor-made applications powered with workflows and business rules. Collect data, Analyze and Generate Reports and collaborate with your team members..Read More here ..

What is Zoho Creator - The Byte Sized Version

A quick and dirty 2 minute walkthrough of Zoho Creator.Read More here ..

How to Create Applications

This video explains the different ways to create an application in Zoho Creator.Read More here ..

Data Views - Overview

Zoho creator uses "Reports" to display the data collected via Forms. Reports are nothing but tables that are automatically populated with data added through a form. Every form, by default, has a report. This video explains the basics of Zoho Creator Reports. Read More here..

Data Analytics- Search, Sort, Filter, Group

Reports are not just the place to display the records stored in the database. This video outlines the different tools available in Zoho Creator to help you analyze your data and gain insights. Read More here.

Data Reporting

Zoho Creator supports creation of powerful reports to visualize your data in multiple formats that cater to specific business needs. The Report Builder provides an intuitive drag-and-drop interface to drilldown the existing views in your ZC application and visualize them as Pivot Tables and Pivot Charts.This video explains how to create Reports and Pivot Tables.Read More here..

Task Schedulers

Scheduler is a powerful feature in Zoho Creator that allows the application owner to create timed actions without any user input. These timed actions can be executed periodically based on the date and time values present in your form or on fixed date and time. Watch this video to learn how to configure schedulers.Read More here ..

Zoho Creator for Google Apps

Zoho Creator for Google Apps enables easy access of Zoho Creator applications for Google apps users. If your organization is using Google Apps, you can easily install Zoho Creator service into your organization's Google Apps account to collaborate, communicate and share information, all in a single, centralized place. This video hightlights the various G Apps specific features in Zoho Creator.Read More here ..

Zoho Creator - Zoho CRM Integration

This video takes you through the various points of integration between Zoho Creator and Zoho CRM.Read More here ..

Payments Module in Zoho Creator

Zoho Creator supports creation of Payment forms to enable you to accept payments from your users. Through a set of simple payment configurations, you can accept various types of payments easily from your users. This video walks you through the creation of a Payment Form.Read More here ..

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