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Feature Updates and Bug fixes in 2011

Friday, December 02, 2011

  • Maximum records and Minimum records for SubForm fields (to implement constraint to it)
  • Deluge alert task used in Form "On Load" and "On Validate" will be displayed as "HTML Dialog" instead of native JS alert (to support latest browsers) - More
  • "Consider first row as Label Names" option is included for create app through Import XLS/CSV
  • Report will render as empty page if the View contains any Date field in Criteria (like IS NULL or IS NOT NULL) - Fixed
  • Provided support for creating customschedules/functions in Home Page
  • Support for specifying Notes and Terms field in create Invoice task. More
  • Firefox 8 Issue with downloading uploaded files. More

Friday, October 21, 2011

  • Introduced new theme "Professional", you can find it under Customize -> Theme
  • Next URL property available in Form Properties. More..
  • Introduces built in function for comparing string with regular expression. More.
  • Issues in "Form Properties", "Edit this field" popup dialog are fixed. Also made a few UI changes to suit latest browsers.
  • Applying "Last N days" filter in date fields (in search) the last date is excluded - Issue fixed.

Friday, September 30, 2011

  • Introduced two new client side tasks for pick-list and multi-select fields in SubForm - Append & Clear
  • Ability to create quote with multiple products in ZohoCRM.
  • Provided an option to specify Billing State & City in Invoice create customer function. More
  • Search criteria Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow for Date Field is not applied based on the timezone - Issue Fixed
  • View export in Calendar view is not exporting all the records, only a particular month is exported. - Fixed to export all the records.
  • Displayed URL & IMAGE source url instead of HTML Anchor and Img tag in the exported files (XLS, CSV, TSV and JSON)
  • Removed Import Script option from Create application screen and added new URL to import script -

Friday, September 16, 2011

  • Aggregate Records.
  • A new system variable zoho.appuri added in Deluge to construct the application URI.
  • In the case of using ZC_Subject (text field) and ZC_Content (rich-text field), it will capture the html MIME block first, or revet to plain text if there is no HTML. More
  • Chart view is deprecated for new users and for old users who have not used Chart views at all. More
  • Now Free users can use the SubForm (DEMO version), only the submit record is restricted. (previously SubForm will not be allowed to added)
  • Issue in formula recalculation while updating the formula expression of same field type (eg: Integer) is fixed.
  • Number of decimal places in Summed value (in View) is configured as same as in the field properties (of a Form).
  • Save View - Saving a new view in live mode with lookup related fields is handled.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Paypal Integration, Org sharing supported.

View Enhancements. More

Support for creating applications from xlsx file.

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

  • Views : Added the following additional criterias for Date fields
    Edit Mode : Last week, This week, Next week
    Access Mode : Last week, This week, Next week, current and previous week, current and next week, Last n days, Next n days, Last n weeks, Next n weeks, Last n months, Next n months, Last n years, Next n years
  • Views : Uploaded files did not display the uploaded file names - Fixed.
  • Subscription Plans : New 'unlimited users' plans introduced.
  • New Share tab can be tried out
  • Deluge task for updating and deleting row in ZohoReports table. More
  • IFNULL statement introduced. More

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

  • Advanced display option will be reflected even in a related field in views.
  • Option to select the sheet from the spreadsheet to import data for a form.
  • Grid view will not be shown under "More Actions --> View As", if there is any client side deluge function. More (We will support deluge functions in grid view very soon and then enable this.)
  • Creating application by importing Google Docs is supported. This is available for GApps users.
  • Importing data for a form from Google docs is supported. This is available for GApps users.
  • Option to share application/section/form/view/report with all domain users of GApps account. When a new domain user accesses a domain shared component, he will get added to the list of users automatically with active/inactive status based on the user limit.
  • Sharing to external users(other than the domain users) enabled for GApps accounts.
  • Unable to create GApps field in IE - Fixed
  • Group members were not able to download the file from the view shared to them. (Gapps accounts) - Fixed
  • Sorting did not work on multiple lookup fields with same reference field - Fixed

Saturday, June 18, 2011

  • Bidirectional lookup feature introduced. When there is a lookup field(from Form B) in Form A, you can use the same relationship and display a lookup field in Form B also.
  • New Share tab can be tried out
  • Public Sharing enabled for Google Apps accounts
  • Internal code changes in Form loading
  • A lookup field can be shown as a link in the view. The link will take to the summary view page of the related form.
  • Provision to set empty values as NULL when a user submits a form(under Script Settings).
  • For iPad and iPhone, redirecting to summary view will not happen. Instead normal view will be shown
  • Data validation done for Email fields while creating applications imported through spreadsheets
  • Performance improvement in syncing data with Zoho Analytics
  • Issues while uninstalling Creator from Google Apps Marketplace - Fixed
  • Issue in view search for lookup fields that have advanced display option- Fixed
  • Issue in saving a grid view - Fixed
  • Last day of the month was not shown when searched with "Last Month" option in the view - Fixed
  • Return type for CRM & Invoice create tasks changed from String to Map - More
  • Enabled support for publishing applications containing Zoho Integration tasks.

Friday, Apr 29, 2011

  • Sort based on display fields in Lookup field. More
  • In public application adding a new section is not working - Fixed
  • Issue in saving data with ampersand (&) character in Grid view is fixed.
  • Issue in syncing records in Zoho Analytics is fixed (which occurs only when there is more than 4000 records).
  • Actual formula field type is captured properly in Reports now.
  • Bulk edit is not working for shared users if the decision, datetime and number field are hidden for them - Fixed

Friday, Apr 15, 2011

  • Issue with XSS Validation during HTML View rendering. More

Friday, Apr 08, 2011

  • Ability to display multiple fields for lookup field (Combined Lookup). More
  • Support for conditional IF statement in Script Builder.
  • Field addition (drag & drop) failure in Firefox.4 - Fixed
  • Sign-In and Signup issue (from the application login page) in IE7 & IE8 - Fixed
  • Issues in IE8 and Chrome - Fixed

Friday, Mar 25, 2011

  • Issue in generating view definition containing criteria field on drop down fields. Fixed.
  • Support for specifying alias for Email Data feature. More

Friday, Mar 18, 2011

  • Show / Hide fields performance increased - Especially it was slow in IE before
  • In grid view error message is made more prominent - Shown as popup message now
  • In custom filter fields are not selected properly when opened for editing - Fixed

Monday, Mar 14, 2011

  • Deluge task for fetching Invoice Information. More
  • Deluge task for updating CRM Record. More
  • Deluge task for creating row in ZohoReports table. More
  • Enhancement of Fetch Record task to directly read collection's field value. More
  • Filter values with hyphen (-) is not getting applied in calendar view - Fixed

Tuesday, Feb 08, 2011

  • User defined & System fields are categorized across Zoho Creator.
    - View Edit Mode : Column properties, Column width, Group/sort by, Filters & criteria
    - Form Edit Mode : Lookup field's field selection drop down
    - View Access Mode : Show/hide columns
  • Conditional formula introduced. More
  • URL criteria for view not working while printing view - Fixed
  • "All Times are in" will be shown only when at least one date time field is shown in view. More
  • Support for related fields of a multi select column in views. Previously the data of related fields(of a multiselect field) in a view was not fetched properly. It is fixed.

Friday, Jan 21, 2011

  • The Aggregate Records task supports for calculating SUM/COUNT/AVG/MIN/MAX of a form's field values. More
  • Insert task to return last added records ID value. More
  • Support for emailing Reports(Pivot table and chart) as PDF. More
  • support sending attachments in Email via Form schedules. More
  • Option for generating Stateless form from existing forms. More

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