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Feature Updates and Bug fixes in 2010

Thursday, Dec 16, 2010

  • Support for specifying PO Number and Item description in createInvoice task. More
  • Support for creating customer in Zoho Invoice. More
  • Deluge task for Zoho CRM's searchRecord API. More

Tuesday, Oct 26, 2010

  • Issue in saving schedules containing '<' ,'>' symbols in fetch criteria fixed. More
  • We have fixed the issue related to onLoad script being ignored when the form link name is modfied
  • Earlier, field was allowed to be deleted inspite of it being used in the sort by clause of fetch record task. Now the issue is fixed

Tuesday, Oct 19, 2010

  • ID is now included in the response of Add Record API.
  • Rich Text Editor will enabled for all users.
  • Add to LookUp items which not working for shared user is fixed
  • getFieldValue in On-Success was returning null value - Fixed

Wednesday, Sept 22, 2010

  • New option to show/hide "Sign up for Free" link from the login box in application live mode. More
  • New Currency types are added. More

Saturday, September 18, 2010

  • Support for passing Tax,Discount values to createInvoice Task. More

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

  • Feature that allows users to add new entries for lookup form. More
  • The save script process optimized. More
  • Support creating Invoice from Creator application.
  • Issue in HTML being not supported in scheduled Email. Fixed
  • Issus in initializing RTE fields in onLoad actions. Fixed

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

  • Import data enhancement. More

Monday, August 09, 2010

  • Rich Text Editor released as private beta.
  • Setting Height and width for form fields released.
  • The headers of the mails sent using sendmail task modified to prevent mails being marked as spam.
  • Issue in handling redirect response(HTTP Code 302) in getURL task fixed. More
  • Option for hiding the Federated Login

Sunday, August 01, 2010

  • New deluge task for creating/fetching records from CRM. More
  • Support for directly writing content to the body of POST Request. More

Friday, July 09, 2010

General Fixes

  • In form edit mode, if the 'height/width' values of a field are empty, it will be filled with default values. More
  • Grid View Record Saving error fixed. When a decimal field is hidden and has more than 10 digits apart from a decimal value, record was not being saved. It is fixed now.
  • When a new view is saved out of another view in which changes are done in application access mode, the changes were not reflected in the new view. It is fixed now.
  • When the fields alignment in a form is in Top order, On User Input did not work. It is fixed now. More
  • When there are validation errors while submitting a form, an error dialog box will be shown that is noticeable by users. More
  • Immediate client response with a status message when a stateless form that has On User Input is submitted . More

Import Data Fixes

  • Not able to Create Application by Import(Copy/Paste) mode in case of large data. Browser Hangs if we paste more than 600 records and Create. This is fixed now.
  • Issue in skipping onValidate and onSuccess scripts while importing data from live mode is fixed
  • Issue in importing values when there is [formula/onSuccess + plain] text fields present in the form - Fixed
  • Issue in importing numbers more than 9 digits. Occurs only in case of number field which has '0' decimal places - Fixed
  • Issue in importing numbers with plus(+) sign - Fixed
  • Error message for validating Mandatory column values includes field name now.
  • All field validation messages are modified to include field names and values.
  • Fixed issues in importing URL/Image field values.

Reports Related Fixes

  • Not able to create pivot chart in IE8 [Even after selecting "Pivot Chart" icon pivot table config is shown] - Fixed.
  • Not able to generate private permalink for Report Embed and Permalink - Fixed.
  • Downgrade plan : Reports will be disabled only if the current number of reports is greater than the maximum allowed number.
  • New report creation is denied if the view has criteria involving MULTI-SELECT fields. User is alerted when he clicks on "Create report for View" link in the corresponding views tab. In case of "New Report" page, the view(with multi-select) criteria will not be listed as an option in the "Based on" drop-down.
  • Setting a criteria involving MULTI-SELECT fields is restricted if the view has reports based on it. User is prompted accordingly to remove the reports and then set criteria. As of now MULTI-SELECT is not supported with ZohoCreator Reports.
  • User is alerted in case of removing columns from view that "Any reports involving this column will also be deleted". This prompt is shown only if the view has reports based on it. Previously this was shown to all views.
  • User is alerted in case of deleting fields from form that "Any reports involving this column will also be deleted". This prompt is shown only if the form has reports based on it. Previously this was shown for all forms.
  • User is alerted in case of field-type change in a form that "Any reports involving this column will also be deleted". This prompt is shown only if the form has reports based on it. Previously this was shown for all forms

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

  • Look and Feel changes in Script tab
  • Edit mode menu items increased to 20 per column and 4 columns will be shown at a time
  • New Map constructor to declare map with default values. Ex, hdrs = { "Email" : "", "Password" : "mypassword"}

Friday, June 18, 2010

  • "Show All" option included in the new menu in Edit Mode.
  • No. of components per column in new Edit Mode menu is increased to 15.

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

  • New Import Data screen for Forms
  • New Menu for Edit Mode
  • New Application settings screen. More
  • Multiple View Attachments in scheduler send mail task
  • Header support in GetURL and PostURL task
  • Form Alignment introduced

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

  • Customize / Remove the Success message in Custom Action more
  • Issue in showing the function list in new Custom Action page - Fixed

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

  • Issue in updating Formula field value for forms that has large number of records is fixed.
  • Extra space between fields when there is a Check box field is fixed
  • Extra widening of the form(where field label content is very long) in the Add and Edit popup dialog in Views" is fixed
  • When "Font size" property is set as Large in a custom theme, the multiline field gets shrinked - Fixed

Thursday, April 15, 2010

  • Create New Application given a facelift with new UI
  • Issue in creating report for data(other than English) is fixed
  • Issue in generating reports which has more than 2000 records is fixed.

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

  • Passing form object to a function as an argument and related improvement in custom action.
  • Header level open URL support(Community Feature)
  • Issue in setting default value for check-box by passing the value in query-string fixed
  • Issue in Print and PDF generation for HTML views with non-english character in query-string fixed
  • More than one value can now be passed as parameter value for multi-select field to set default values while loading a form - More
  • In certain cases, one cannot change properties like initial value, max digits etc for numerical fields when data is present in the form. - Fixed
  • In the Reports Integration, all the Formula field types will now be set to their corresponding data-type. Previously they were treated as plain text.
  • When the the application name is long (more than 36 characters), there was an issue in publishing to clients in Marketplace. - Fixed.
  • Issue in records count updation when an application is deleted is fixed.
  • In Customize tab, when a Section is edited, and page link name is left empty, proper error message was not being displayed. - Fixed
  • Components behind the dialog boxes will be visible.

Tuesday, Feb 23, 2010

  • Sorting by multiple fields is now supported in script builder. Earlier it was available only in the free flow editor.
  • On User input script will now be called even if there is no change in the value of the field while setting through script.
  • You can now give input for list:xml type, while executing the script from the user defined function
  • When a record is added through script, formula calculation involving Added_User, Added_Time, Modified_User, and Modified_Time fields will now give correct results
  • While updating a record, formula calculation involving lookup fields of type number will now give correct results
  • If form link name is changed, show/hide task in On Load script was not executed. Fixed
  • Unable to set criteria in GUI mode if operator is one of 'contains/ not contains/ starts with/ ends with'. Fixed
  • While importing the data, if there is a set variable task in on-validate, it was not executed. Fixed
  • When an argument name starts with Replace in a user defined Function, it get messed up. Fixed
  • Issue in saving the script if the deluge field name is Replace_All. Fixed
  • Issue in saving the script in script builder if a field name starts with 'replace'. Fixed
  • Issue in saving a function name starting with 'Find'. Fixed
  • If the deluge field name of a currency field with 0 decimal places is used in onEdit --> OnValidate script, field properties will not get updated. Fixed
  • When you submit an embedded form that has special characters in the customization options, error occured. Fixed

Thursday, Feb 18, 2010

  • While editing the record, selected values were not set in selected state for checkbox/multiselect field(Lookup of decimal fields). Fixed
  • If there is a hidden column in grid view, editing and saving a record clears the value of hidden column. Fixed

Wednesday, Feb 10, 2010

  • Criteria through URL is now supported for decision check field in Views
  • Problem in saving unchanged report configuration - Fixed
  • Issues in Sharing of Reports - Fixed
  • Criteria box in a lookup field keeps closing - Fixed
  • While exporting data with more than 250 rows in a view, date fields for are displayed as numbers - Fixed
  • When there is no component present in the first tab/section and that tab is clicked or the app is accessed using the url, now a proper message is displayed.

Wednesday, Feb 03, 2010

  • Reports feature enabled for all users
  • Option for setting field width for URL and Image fields added in Form Embedding
  • Proper message is shown when creating new app by import method after reaching record limit.
  • User Profile page in HTTPS is not rendered properly - Fixed
  • Error while printing a view after applying filter - Fixed.
  • When data from a view containing number/date fields is exported as xls, they are treated as text fields.
  • A developer cannot download an uploaded file in an application in which he has edit permission - Fixed
  • When column width is set in a view, the textbox is not enabled when px option is clicked. This occurs only in Internet Explorer. - Fixed
  • When view criteria value contains quotes, it is not getting saved in the configuration - Fixed.
  • Unable to delete a form when one of its views has any criteria - Fixed
  • When a decimal field crosses 8 digits and its value ends with zero e.g 10000000.00, in the script the value is coming in Exponential format as 1.0E+7 - Fixed
  • If you have a File Upload field in one Form and have this in the related fields in a Combined View, even the owner is unable to access this File. It says 'You are not authorised' - Fixed
  • Filter criteria is not applied, while exporting the data in Internet Explorer - Fixed

Friday, Jan 08, 2010

  • Cannot add criteria for Date and Date-Time field types in a view - Fixed
  • Date and Date-time values were not set according to the application timezone when received through Email - Fixed
  • Export of data from a view when it is filtered with a value which has ampersand (&) gives empty file - Fixed
  • Column properties of summary view now supports HTML tags.
  • Column width for view was not working in I.E 7 - Fixed.
  • when "&nbsp" is added in the script, it was changed to a space value in free flow scripting. - Fixed
  • When a function signature is modified, the places where it is referred were not listed properly in the error message - Fixed
  • While adding a record through script, calculation of formula field for values with decimal was incorrect - Fixed
  • In the Email data template, field names of "Add notes", "Formula" and "File upload" fields were shown. Now they will not be shown.
  • Custom Actions configurations will be shown only for List views and Grid views
  • When a field is hidden to others, the owner was not able to edit that field in Grid View - Fixed
  • When 2 forms having the same deluge name for a date field are embedded side by side in a html view, the date picker was displayed only for one of the forms - Fixed
  • When grouping in grid view in which summing is also applied for a field, data was not fetched - Fixed
  • When a private form is embedded in a public html view, the header strip was rendered twice - Fixed
  • When a view is printed, if summation is enabled for the view, the sum was not displayed if more than one page of records are printed - Fixed
  • Show/hide columns option removed in "More Actions" menu for a calendar view.
  • While creating a custom filter, if no name is specified for the filter, the page was distorted. - Fixed
  • In a view containing many columns, when search is clicked, for the operator "Between". the search text boxes were very small. Fixed
  • In scriptbuilder, when count function is used with invalid form name, proper error message will be shown. In Freeflow, the line number is properly given in the error message.
  • "Done" and "Cancel" buttons were not visible when a look up field is added or edited in the following situation - One of the field names in any form has a long label name. - Fixed
  • When the script in "On Success" of a form contains "Open Url", success message was not being displayed. - Fixed
  • Inactive user with developer role was able to create applications in the workspace. - Fixed.
  • In the customization of form embedding, when a color value is given without #, it will be appended automatically. For width and height, when a value is given without px or %, it will be set as px. Date-time field included for customization.
  • In the Email template for a form, all the values were shown in one single line. Now it is shown properly.
  • "No Data Available" message in Grid View and Summary View formatted properly.
  • When column width is set for view and if the column names are bigger, it overlaps the next column. - Fixed
  • Any url that ends with a value "html" was not working - Fixed

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