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Form properties allow you to make Form level changes like changing the Form name, setting confirmation emails, configuring validation rules, defining the Form activity period etc. Every Form in your Application will have it's own set of properties, which can be edited/configured for each Form individually. Changes made in Form Properties are auto saved.

To access Form Properties,

  • Navigate to the Dashboard page, and select the required Form under Forms.
  • The Form Properties pane can be accessed from the right.

Form Name

Zoho Creator offers the flexibility to change the Form name or the Form link name, anytime after you create your Application. The Form Name is the name displayed in the Form header. It can contain alphabets, numbers and special characters.

Form Link Name

The Form Link Name is a unique name to identify a Form within an Application. It can contain alphabets and numbers. Underscores are applied automatically in blank spaces. The Form link name is the name displayed in the URL while accessing the Form, for example,<FormLinkName>. The link name is also used internally in Deluge Script.


  • The Label Placement drop-down is used to format the way the field labels are displayed in your Form. You can align the labels towards the left/right side or on top of the input fields. By default, the fields are aligned to the left.
  • The Label Width list is used to specify custom width for the field labels in pixels.


  • By default, Zoho Creator displays the message "Data Added Successfully" on successful submission of a Form. To customize this message, specify the new success message in the Success text box. 
  • Send Confirmation email - You can configure email notifications to be sent when new Form data is submitted, by selecting the Send Confirmation Email checkbox. Then click on Customize to specify the "From" and "To" email address and the email message.
  • Go to Next URL - You can redirect the Form to another Form, Report, Page or a custom URL on submit of a Form. Select the Go to Next URL checkbox and select the required option from the list. The selected URL can be opened in the same window, new window or the parent window. 


  • Enable Captcha - Zoho Creator supports Captcha image verification to prevent automated spam entries to your Form. Enabling Captcha will add a Form field named Verification Code in your Form when you access it. The code displayed in the captcha image must be inserted into the Verification code field. To know more about enabling captcha, refer to thislink.
  • One Entry Per IP Address - Enabling this option will allow only one record per IP address to be submitted through a Form. Adding more than one record from the same IP address will display the message "Only one record per IP address allowed".
  • One Entry Per User - Enabling this option will allow only one record per user to be submitted through a Form. Adding more than one record from the same user login will display the message "Only one record per user allowed".
  • Maximum Entries - You can restrict the number of entries that can be submitted through a Form or allow unlimited entries. Exceeding the specified limit will display the message "Maximum entry limit reached for this Form".
  • Enable Geo-fence (Applies only tomobile native app) - Geo-fence is a virtual perimeter around a pre-defined physical geographical area. Specify the latitude and longitude and adjust the proximity by adding a radius. This creates a “fence” around the location of interest and unless inside it, a user cannot submit the Form.

Form Access

You can specify the Start and End time during which the Form can be accessed by users. Users can submit the Form only during this period, when the Form will be active. Accessing the Form before the start-time or after the end-time will display the message "This Form is currently locked".

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