Understand address field

Understand address field

The address field enables your users to enter the address of a physical location. It's a composite field consisting of the following subfields: Address Line 1, Address Line 2, City/ District, State / ProvincePostal Code, and Country.

Below is how the address field looks on a form when users access from a web browser:

Character limits

  • Each of the address subfields, except Country, can accept an input containing a maximum of 255 characters
  • Each of the address subfields, except Country, can accept letters from any language, numbers and special characters


You can perform the following customizations for the user experience of the address field:

Managing address subfields

With regard to address's subfields, you can perform the following. Learn how

  • Except the field Address Line 1, you can choose to hide the other fields from your users. This enables your users to enter just the required parts of their address.
  • Customize the label of the selected subfields. This can come in handy when you want to display more specific text like "Door No. and Apartment Name" instead of "Address Line 1", and "Area / Locality" instead of "Address Line 2".

Capturing geo coordinates

By default, Zoho Creator captures the geo coordinates (latitude and longitude) of the address your users enter in this field. This data is captured in latitude and longitude subfields. This ability is controlled by Capture geo coordinates field property, which you can disable/enable as required. Learn how

Disabling this property does not affect the existing (already collected) geo coordinate data. However, the map reports in your Zoho Creator apps plot only those addresses that have coordinate data in the latitude and longitude subfields.

Adjusting address's location

Prerequisite: The Capture geo coordinates field property must be enabled.

By checking the Adjust location on map field property, you can enable your users to adjust the location of the address they enter. This can come in handy when your app is meant to enable location-based services. Learn how to enable this property

Adjusting the location does not affect the physical address data that the user entered — your users will be able to map a more appropriate set of coordinates to the physical address they enter. Below is how your users will be able to adjust the address's location:

  1. Enter the required address. Zoho Creator will automatically fetch geo coordinates (as returned by the corresponding maps service).
  2. Click the Location icon displayed next to the geo coordinates. A map snippet will open.
  3. Click/tap on the required location in the map, then click Done.
  4. The geo coordinates of the selected location will be captured. Below is how this looks when users access from a web browser:

Customizing other field properties

Deprecation of the Address Line 1 and Address Line 2 fields from Added Location and Modified Location system fields

Tackling the lack of required accuracy with regard to reverse geocoding address data, we've deprecated the Address Line 1 and Address Line 2 subfields from the Added Location and Modified Location system fields.

This change does not affect the existing data and workflows that refer to said subfields. However, the address line 1 and address line 2 data will not be captured in location enabled forms.

Report-level customizations

When your users access reports and view the addresses stored, you can:

  • Set the Display Value: This enables you to display just the required display fields to your users. For example, you may have enabled your users to enter an input in all the fields, however, you can make the address field display just the Country, State, or Address Line 1, in your reports.
  • Enable Link to Map​: This enables your users to click/tap on an address and view it on a map.
  • Set the Display Option​:
    • This enables you to define if the address data is to be displayed as a Physical address or as Geo coordinates.
    • When you choose to display geo coordinates, you'll get to select the format using which the coordinates are to be displayed: either the Decimal Notation or the (Degree-Minute-Second) DMS Notation.

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