Form submission through email

Form submission through email


Every form in Zoho Creator has its own email address. You can therefore just send an email to a form's email address to add a record in it.

  • This feature is not supported in the Free, Standard and Basic editions.
  • To enable your users to email form data, you need to share your form with them along with the permission to create records.

Add form data via email using form's email template

  1. Edit your app and select the required form.
  2. Click the Settings icon and select Notification, as shown below:

  3. Navigate to the Form Setings --> General tab. The Submit form through email section displays your form's email address and email template, as shown below:

  4. Send an email as given below:
    • Set your form's email address as the "To address".
    • Copy your form's email template and paste it in the email's body. Enter appropriate values for the fields.
    • If your form has image or file upload fields, you need to attach the required files to the email and give their file names as values to the respective fields. 


  • The email's body must contain plain text. Rich text is not supported.
  • If you attach more files than the specified number of fields, only the files that are attached first will be captured, and the other files will be ignored.

Add form data via email in custom format

As an enhancement to adding form data via email using the form's email template, Zoho Creator provides the option to send form data in custom format. To use this:

  1. Add a text field to the form. Set its Field Deluge Name as ZC_Subject. This is to capture the subject of the email.
  2. Add a rich text field to the form if the email may contain rich text, else add a multi line field. Set its Field Deluge Name as ZC_Content. This is to capture the email's body.

    Your form must have the ZC_Subject and ZC_Content fields to be able to accept form data from emails. Form submission via email will fail otherwise. The remaining fields (ZC_From and ZC_File) are optional.  

  3. Add a text or email field to the form. Set its Field Deluge Name as ZC_From​. This is to capture the email address of the sender.
  4. Add a file upload field to the form. Set its Field Deluge Name as ZC_File. This is to capture a file attachment.
    • Multiple file attachments can be captured.
    • Add the required number of file upload fields. Set their Field Deluge Name as ZC_File0, ZC_File1, and so on.
    • Attached files will be alphabetically captured, i.e., if the email has files "a.txt" and "b.pdf", then "a.txt" will be captured by ZC_File0 and "b.pdf" by ZC_File1.

Zoho Creator first parses the MIME block in the email. If no HTML content is found, it passes the email's body as plain text to ZC_Content.

View log details

Zoho Creator logs the details of all emails sent to your form's email address. The app's owner and developer will have access to this information. To view them:

  1. Open your app's Dashboard page. Navigate to Usage Logs, displayed on the right.
  2. Click Email Data, as shown below:

  3. Click Complete Logs, displayed at the bottom. You will be redirected to the Email Data Logs page.
  4. Select the required Workspace, Application and Period to view the corresponding email data logs, as shown below:

Things to know

  • Record submission frequency: Zoho Creator checks once in every ten minutes for record submissions to a form's email address.
  • Supported workflow blocks: Script (Deluge tasks) present in the On Add -> On Validate and On Add -> On Success blocks will be executed for records added using this feature.
  • Attachments in email:
    • The file upload field accepts files of size up to 50 MB. The image field accepts images of size up to 10 MB.
    • However, the attachments in an email can't add up to more than 25 MB.
  • Email notifications:
    • If a user without the required permissions sends an email, Zoho Creator will fail record submission and reply to the sender (email subject: Authorization failed).
    • If record submission fails for other reasons (say, value not given for mandatory field), Zoho Creator will fail record submission and reply to the sender (email subject: Error occured while adding record).

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