Form Submission through Email


Every Form in Zoho Creator has its own email address, so you can just send an email to submit Form data. Zoho Creator checks for Form updates via e-mail, once in every ten minutes. The data submitted through e-mail will be directly added to your database. This feature is not supported in free and standard edition. 

Adding form data via e-mail in specified format

  1. Navigate to the Form builder, and click on Notification under the Settings icon.
  2. Click on General under Form Settings as shown in the screen-shot below. Note that the default Form email id and the email template are displayed in the Submit form through email section. 
  3. You can also send form data to your personalized email address instead of the default email id generated by Zoho Creator. To do this, send an email to specifying the email id. The Form email id will be updated by our support team, and it will be displayed along with a link to remove the personalized email address in future.

To submit Form data via email, 

  • Copy the configured Form email id and specify it as the To address in your email client.
  • Copy the Email Template and fill in the corresponding values to use it as your email body.
  • To capture a file to the record, attach the file and copy paste the file name to the respective labels as mentioned below.
    • Picture : IMG_0024.JPG
    • Resume : resume.pdf


  • Note that you can send the email message only as plain text. Rich text is not supported.
  • Note that if you attach more files than the specified number of fields, only the files that are attached first will be captured while the other files will be ignored.

Adding form data via e-mail in user-defined format

As an enhancement to adding form data via email in specified format, Zoho Creator now provides the option to send form data in user-defined format.

To use this feature,

  1. Add a new text field to the Form with Deluge name as ZC_Subject to capture the subject of the mail.
  2. Add a new multi-line text field or rich-text field to the Form with Deluge name as ZC_Content to capture the content of the mail, in any format.
  3. Add a new File Upload Field with Deluge name as ZC_File to capture the file attached to the mail.
  4. Multiple files can also be captured by adding required number of File Upload Fields with Deluge name as ZC_File0, ZC_File1 and so on.
  5. When a number of files say a.txt, b.txt etc are attached to the mail, a.txt will be captured under ZC_File0, b.txt under ZC_File1 and so on.
  6. Select Settings icon -> Submit through Email option from the form header, to get the email-id of the form.
  7. When a mail is sent with data to the specified mail id, these fields will capture the subject, content and files attached to the mail. In the case of using ZC_Subject (text field) and ZC_Content (rich-text field), it will capture the html MIME block first, or revert to plain text if there is no HTML.


  • The "Submit through Email" feature only works for forms that you yourself create in your own account but once you have the address you can share it with other people who may want to use the form in this way. If the form is Private, only users with whom you have shared the application can send email to the form, and only if they send it from the same personal email address they use in Zoho Creator. If someone without permission to use a private application tries to email one of its forms, they will get a response email explaining that they do not have permission.

Supported script sections

The "Submit through Email" feature supports On Add -> On Validate and On Add -> On Success script sections.

View Log Details

The details about the Email sent using the email data feature with status, will be logged and displayed in Usage Logs - Email Data section in the Zoho Creator Home page, as shown in the screen-shot below. The application owner and developer will have access to this information. The Email data log shown below displays the emails sent during the last one week.