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​Adding Records


A record is a row of data submitted through a Form. The data submitted through a Form gets added to the relevant table in your database.

Who can add records?

  • Application Owner.
  • Shared users with access permission to add the records.

Adding records to your Form

Let us say you add the faculty detail in the Add Faculty Form. The record gets added to the database when you click on the Submit button. If you have set any validations, the data gets stored in the database only if the validations are successful.

You(application owner) can also add records to the Form by clicking the Add(+) button in the report header, as shown in the screenshot below. For shared users, the Add button is displayed in a Report only if the application owner provides access permission.

Import data is another way to add records in a Form. For example, if you have your Faculty data stored in a spreadsheet, you can import the spreadsheet data to your Add Faculty Form in Zoho Creator.

You can import data into your Form in four ways:

  • Write/Paste Data from the XLS file.
  • Import the XLS file from your local drive.
  • Import data from files stored in various cloud storage services.
  • Using Migration tools(Excel and Ms.Access).

Refer the Import and Export Data section for more information.


  • Zoho Creator automatically stores the record added time(Added time), Username(Added User's Name) and the IP address, for each record in the database.

Restrict entries to a Form

1. Limit entries to a Form by everyone except the application owner

Sample script to restrict unauthorized entries

if (input.Added_User != zoho.adminuser)
alert "You are not authorized to add records";
cancel submit;

In the above code,

  • Added_User is a built-in field which stores the name of the user who added the current record.
  • zoho.adminuser is a zoho variable which stores the name of the application owner.

The record does not get added to the database if the added username is not same as the admin username. You have to add the script in the Form Actions -> On Add -> Validate block of the Workflow section.

Zoho Creator automatically stores the details about when and by whom a record gets added or modified using the built-in fields like Added User, Added Time, Modified User and Modified Time. You can show these fields in the Report by choosing to add them from the Column Properties section under Report Settings. Refer the Display Username and Time section for more information.

2. Restrict entries to a Form based on a given date

Assume you have a Registration Form to register for a particular course and the registration is open till 30th Dec 2017. To restrict entries from being submitted after this date, use the zoho.currentdate variable within the Form Actions -> On Add -> Validate block of the Workflow section.

Sample script to restrict entries after a given date

if (zoho.currentdate >'30-Dec-2017')
alert "time for registration expired";
cancel submit;

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