Forms are used to enter data into your Application. Drag and drop different types of fields(like text fields, number fields, drop-down menus, radio buttons, check-boxes, etc) into the Form to collect various types of data. When you create a new Application, a new Form in that Application is created by default; you can manually add more Forms if required.  A Zoho Creator Form looks like the following image:

After entering data into the various fields, click on Submit to submit the Form entry. Each Form submisison is called as a record, and all the records are grouped and stored in a Report. If you are building an Application to store contacts, a single Form to enter the Name, Phone Number, Address and Email id is sufficient. If you are building a more complex Application like "Project Tracker”, use multiple Forms to add new projects, store team-member details, maintain a to-do list and so on. There are two types of Forms in Zoho Creator: