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Zoho Creator Field Types

Zoho Creator supports 24 different types of fields. Each field type can accept a certain "type" of data. For example, a Date field type will accept only date values. An email field type will accept only valid email formats. The different field types are displayed on the left, and can be dragged and dropped onto the Form editor. Each field type has its own set of properties, which can be configured individually for each field.

Watch this Zoho Creator video to learn more about each Field Type.

The table below lists all the field types supported by Zoho Creator.  

Field TypesDescriptionDataType
in scripting
Single Line TextUse this field to accept text that can contain any type of characters, i.e. numbers, special characters, plain text etc.String
Multi Line TextThis is similar to a Single Line text field and can contain any type of character, but with more text area. Appropriate for entering comments or to store addresses.String
EmailUse this field to accept email addresses. Zoho Creator automatically validates if the value entered is a proper email address format or not.String
Rich Text FieldThis is similar to a multi-line text field, but with rich text formatting options.String
DateUse this field to accept date values. The Date field also displays a calendar button, which lets users select a date easily.Date
Date-TimeUse this field to accept date-time values. Like the Date field, it displays a calendar button to let users select the date and time easily.Date
Dropdown / Radio
(Single select)
Use this field for users to select only one of the pre-configured choices. It could be one of the following types:

a) Dropdown list b) Radio buttons.

Checkbox/ Multiselect
(Multiple select)
Use this field for users to select one or more from the pre-configured choices. It could be one of the following types:

a) Checkbox b) Multiselect

NumberUse this field to accept numbers without any decimal places.Number
DecimalUse this field to accept numbers with or without decimal places.Number/Decimal
CurrencyUse this field to accept numbers with or without decimal places, which will be appended with the selected currency symbol. Number/Decimal
PercentageUse this field to accept numbers with or without decimal places, which will be appended with the % symbol.Number/Decimal
URLUse this field to accept urls.String
ImageUse this field to accept links to images or to allow uploading of images.String
Decision checkboxUse this field to accept either a "Yes" or a "No".Boolean
File UploadUse this field to allow uploading of files.


LookupUse this field import and display data from fields in another Form. It can be of the following types:

To select a single value:

a) Dropdown b) Radio button

To select multiple values:

a) Checkbox b) Mubtiselect

Add NotesUse this field to display text in your Form. It will not be used to accept any entries. Rather, it's just to display information to the User.--
SubFormThis field give you the option to add multiple fields in a singular block layout, to accept multiple relational values.--
Zoho CRMUse this field to accept data from Zoho CRM.--
Auto NumberUse this field to automatically store the index number of records being added, in ascending order starting from 1. --
FormulaUse this field to evaluate given expressions(consisting of Form fields) and display the result.

Depending on the output of the formula, it could be a String/Number/
Decimal/ Boolean/ Date .

UsersUse this field for users to select application users or customer portal users.


SignatureUse this field to accept digital signatures from users.


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