Configuring a File Upload Field

Configuring a File Upload Field


The File Upload field type is used to upload Files in Zoho Creator. Files can be uploaded from your local computer or from Google Drive. The uploaded file will be displayed as a link in the Form's report. The total file storage space you will get depends on the plan for which you have subscribed. Zoho Creator considers total file storage for an account and not of the individual users.


  • The maximum size of each file that can be uploaded is 50 MB. For Image field, the limit is 10 MB.
  • However, you can attach images or files only up to 25 MB in an email.

Upload Files

To upload files to your form,

  1. Drag and drop the File Upload field type to your form.
  2. In the Field Name textbox, specify the name that will be displayed for this field in the Form. The Deluge Name of the field will be same as the field name with underscore instead of white spaces, and will be assigned automatically by Zoho Creator. 
  3. Click on Field Properties to configure the File upload field. For File Upload field type you can allow the users to upload the file from the local computer or Google Docs, by selecting them under Field properties > Browse options.

    Refer the topic Field Configurations to learn more about each configuration.
  4. When you Access this application, the file upload field will be displayed in the Form to enable users to upload files and images. Click on the Browse button displayed near the file upload field to attach the required files.
  5. The uploaded file/image will be displayed as a download link in your Report.

Send link of uploaded file in an email

To send the URL/link of the uploaded file in the e-mail message, add the following code in the On Add> On Success section of the form. In the sample message given below, File_Upload is the name of the file upload field, zoho.adminuser is the name of the app owner and zoho.appname is the application name and test_view is the view link name.

a=((("" + input.File_Upload + "&sharedBy=" + zoho.adminuser) + "&appLinkName=") + zoho.appname) + "&viewLinkName=test_view";
subject:"Subject of the email"
message:"<a href="+ a +">Uploaded File</a>" 

Steps to download files from File upload field

You can download files from your application reports to your desktop using the file downloader tool. This productivity tool helps you download all your files stored in a file upload field, at once. Following are the steps to use Filedownloader tool:

  1. Download and run the right tool:
    As announced recently, this tool will be completely phased out by November 30, 2020. Please reach out to us at for file download related queries.
  2. Enter your Zoho Creator account credentials and click on Sign in
  3. If you have Two Factor Authentication enabled,
    • Go to
    • Click the Two Factor Authentication link.
    • In the Two Factor Authentication page, click Manage Application Specific Passwords.
    • In the Application Specific Passwords popup, do the following:
      • Enter the Device (or) App Name in the text box.
      • Specify the Current Password that is used to log into Zoho.
      • Click Generate. A random password will be generated.
      • You can use the email address used to log in to Zoho and this generated password to sign in.
  4. Once you are logged in, specify the following attributes and click on Download.
    • Application Name: The Application containing the images.
    • View/Report Name: The Report in the specified application containing the images.
    • Field Deluge Name: The file upload field Delugename. Click on the "?" icon to view field deluge names in your applications.
    • Local Folder Path: Path where you want the files to be saved. 

Note: Be sure to have less than or equal to 10 authtokens in your to avoid any username/password related errors.

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