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Configuring a Signature field

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The "Signature" field type enables the user to place his signature in a form. This field type allows instant validation from a customer through his digital signature, eliminating the need of paper work. Signature field type can be useful in applications such as "Delivery confirmation", where a customer acknowledges the delivery by signing the form. To sign a form using the signature field, one needs to double-tap(on a touchpad) or click(in case of a mouse) and execute the sign.
                                    Screen shot displaying the signature field in edit mode

Configuring a signature field

  • The signature field can be configured by dragging and dropping it in the form editor space. The field can be named in "Field Properties".
    Screen shot displaying the field properties of signature field
  • The "Field Deluge Name" of the signature field will be used in scripting.
  • Checking the "Mandatory" option makes the field mandatory for a user. Unless signed, the form cannot be submitted. 
  • The "Permission" section allows you to display the signature field to everyone or to the admin only. Click on the dropdown next to "Show Field To" to select your choice.
  • You can also create rules to perform certain tasks based on the values specified in the form.
  • Upon signing and submitting a form, the signature gets saved in the report. You can right click on the signature and save it in image format.
                                                       Screen shot displaying the signature saved in reports


  • Data manipulation through script is not supported

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