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Making a Field Required

Setting a field to Mandatory, forces the user to fill a value for the particular form field. When you make a field Mandatory, Zoho Creator won't let a user save the record until a value is entered in that field. Instead, the program displays a message telling the user Enter a value for <fieldname>.

To set a form field as mandatory while adding a field,

  1. Drag and drop the required field to the form.
  2. From the Field properties, select the check box Mandatory.

To set an existing field as Mandatory,

  1. Select the Form from the Dashboard in Edit mode.
  2. Select the field to be edited.
  3. Select Field Properties from the right pane and select the checkbox Mandatory.
  4. The changes made will be auto-saved.

Make a field to be “required” dynamically

Assume you have a radio button field named Field1 in your form with values “Yes”/ “No” and you want Field2 to be required only if the value of Field1 is “Yes”. To achieve the given scenario, add the given script to Form Actions ->On add ->validate section of the Script tab.

if ((input.field1 == "Yes") &&(input.field2 == null))
alert "Enter a value for field2";
cancel submit;

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