Creator Help

Hiding A Field


Zoho Creator supports the Hide/Show functionality to create smart forms that hide irrelevant information from the user or adjust as the user is entering information.

  • Show fields only to the application owner
  • Conditionally Hide/Show fields

Show fields only to the application owner

Assume you are the HR manager and you have created the following "Job Application" Form to enable applicants to apply for vacancies in your organization. In this form, the field Call for Written Test will be used only by the app owner (HR manager) to decide if the candidate must be called for an interview, and should not be displayed to users.

To make the Call for Written Test field accessible only to the application owner, set the option Show this field to as "Admin Only", from the Field Properties as shown Below:

Now, the field will be displayed in the form only if the login user is the application owner. Shared users will not be able to view this field. The form will be displayed to users as shown below:

Conditionally Hide/Show fields

You can also conditionally show/hide specific fields in your form by adding a bit of Deluge Scripting. For example, if the user chooses "Option1" on a drop-down field, show certain fields else show some other fields.
The Hide <fieldname> Deluge task can be used to dynamically hide specific fields, when not required. The field will not be available for viewing/editing to both the owner of the application and to people with whom you are sharing the application. The Show <fieldname> Deluge task is used to display a field that was previously hidden.
Refer Deluge Reference -> Client side functions -> Hide/Show for more information.