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Deleting a Field


Deleting a field will delete all the data stored in it. When you delete a field, if it is referred in a formula field's expression, or in other forms (as part of a lookup field), or in the criteria or filters of a report, Zoho Creator will display these references in an alert. You will be allowed to delete the field only when you remove all such references.

Steps to delete a field

  1. Edit your app.
  2. Select the required form from Dashboard > Forms tab. The form builder will open.
  3. Select the field you want to delete.
  4. Click the Delete icon on the right:

    If there is data stored in the concerned field, Zoho Creator will display an alert and prompt you to confirm the deletion:

  5. Click I understand, Proceed to delete the field, or Cancel to return back to the form without deleting.

If the field is referred in other forms as part of a lookup field, or if your users have created personalized reports that reference this field in their criteria, Zoho Creator will display them in an alert. Following is an example of such an alert:

  • Imagine two forms: Device details and Employees.
  • Device details stores the details of all devices like phones, tabets, and laptops owned by your organization.
  • Employees stores the details of employees. It looks up device details to map the devices allocated to each employee.
  • The Type field in the Device details form is set as a Display Field in the Allocated Devices (lookup) field of the Employees form.
  • Also, imagine that Jason - your Asset Manager, has created a personlized report to view details of all phones.
  • The following prompt will be displayed when you proceed to delete the Type field from the Device details​ form:

Only when you delete the report All_Phones, and remove the Type field's reference from the Allocated devices field in the Employees​ form, will you be allowed to delete it.

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