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Criteria in Import Picklist


By default, a picklist field of type "Import Data from form", will display all the values of the imported field. To set a picklist to display only specific values from the imported field, you can specify the required criteria and display only those values that satisfy the criteria.


<picklist fieldname>
type = picklist
values = <form name>[criteria].<fieldname to be imported from form name>

Note: You cannot import a picklist field as a lookup in another form.

The Import picklist criteria can also be specified from the GUI. Refer the topic Configuring conditional drop downs, for more information.


Assume a form named FormA has two fields "Country" and "State" to enter the name of a country and its states. The FormA view is given below:

Now, you want to create another form named "FormB", that has the field "IndianStates" of type picklist that needs to import only the names of the states that belongs to the country "India" from FormA. The deluge script to do this is given below:

Deluge code:

form FormB

type = picklist
values = FormA[Country == "India"].State


where the expression,

FormA[Country == "India"].State,Fetches only the "State" values from "FormA" whose "Country"is "India".

The FormB given below displays only the names of the States belonging to the country "India".

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