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Configure an Auto Number field


The Auto Number field automatically generates sequential numeric values every time a record is submitted in a form. The numbers will be incremented based on the start index value that you specify. 

Things to know

  1. The Auto Number field can store a number containing up to 19 digits.
  2. The Start Index of an Auto Number field can be 0 (zero) or a positive number.
  3. Zoho Creator assigns a value to the Auto Number field when a record is submitted. Thus, this field will remain hidden when the form is accessed to add or edit a record. You can view the value stored in this field in a report.
  4. If you add an Auto Number field to a form through which records have already been added, the existing records will also be assigned a value for that (Auto Number) field. The sequential numbering will begin from the oldest record in that form.

Add an Auto Number field

  1. Drag-and-drop the Auto Number field to your form.
  2. Enter the required Start Index value in the window that appears, and click Done, as shown below:

    Note: Once set, the Start Index value of an Auto Number field cannot be changed.

  3. Edit the Field Name and Field Deluge Name as required.

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