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Configuring a Date-Time field


The Date - Time field is used to add date and time to your Form. You can configure the date to appear in any format (15-Aug-1947 or Aug 15, 1947) and select the time zone from the Applications Settings dialog. When a date - time field appears on a Form, it displays a calendar button, which lets users select a date and time in a couple of clicks.

                            A Sales Form with a Date - Time field

Configuring a Date/Time Field

  • Drag-n-drop the Date - Time field type to the editor area.
  • In the Field Properties, specify the field Name in the Field Name text box. The Deluge name of the field will be same as the field name with underscore instead of white spaces, and will be assigned automatically by Zoho Creator.
  • Specify the field configurations. Refer the section Field Configurations to learn more about each configuration.
  • To edit the field configurations or to delete the field or to add field action scripts, move mouse over the field and click on the Edit this field option.
  • When you Access the application, the Date - Time field will be displayed in your form with a calendar button which lets users select the required date and time.

Configuring Allowed Days and Allowed Hours

Configuring Allowed days and Allowed Hours lets users to enter data only in the specified date and time.
To configure Allowed Days and Allowed Hours,

  1. Select the Date - Time field.
  2. In the Field Properties, under Allowed days and check the days on which the users can add their data.
  3. Under Allowed Hours, specify the time in "From" & "To" drop down on which the user can add their data.


  • When you create a calender report using the Date - Time field for which the Allowed days and Allowed Hours are set, a report will be created where users can only record their data within the specified date and time. When data is entered in the time other than the specified time, an error message will be displayed to the users.

Related FAQS

Is there a way to get rid of the seconds in a Date-Time field value? For example Apr 02,2010 23:01:38 should be displayed as Apr 02,2010 23:01

Ans: You’ll need to create a formula field in your form with a formula to truncate the value starting from the last ‘:’ and display the formula value in your view.


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