Configuring A Date Field


One of the most commonly used field in a Form is the Date field. A date field contains only a Date. You can configure the date to appear in any format you wish, like 15-Aug-1947 or Aug 15, 1947 from the Applications Settings dialog, as shown in the screen-shot given below. When a date field appears on a form, it displays a calendar button, which lets users select a date in a couple of clicks.

A Sales Form with a Date field in dd-MMM-yyyy format

Configuring a Date field

  1. Drag-n-drop the Datefield type to the editor area as shown in the image below.

  2. The Field Properties are displayed on the right pane. In the Field Name textbox shown in the field properties below, specify the name that will be displayed for this field in the Form. The Deluge name of the field will be same as the field name with underscore instead of white spaces, and will be assigned automatically by Zoho Creator.
  3. Specify the other field configurations if required. Refer the topic Field Configurations to learn more about each configuration. 

  4. To edit the field configurations or to delete the field or to add field action scripts, select the field and make the changes in the Field Properties. All the chages you make will be auto saved.
  5. When you Access the application, the Date field will be displayed in your form with a calendar button which lets users select the required date.

Configuring Allowed Days

Configuring Allowed days restricts users from entering the data in all the dates. User can enter the data only in the specified date and time. To configure Allowed Days,

  1. Select Field Properties.
  2. Select the days on which the data can be entered by the users. By default all the days will be set as allowed days.
  3. The changes you make will be auto saved.

A form with allowed dates (live mode)

A form with disabled dates


  • When you create a calender report using the Date field for which the Allowed days are set, a view will be created where users can only record their data within the specified date. Other date fields will be disabled and users will not be able to enter the data.

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