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Adding A New Field


After creating a Form, you can add various field types to your Form. The field types are displayed on the left, from where you can drag-and-drop them to the Form editor. You can also double-click on a field type to add it to the Form. Added fields are autosaved.

Steps to add a new field

  1. Drag and drop the required field type displayed on the left. For example, to add a Single Line text field, drag and drop the Single Line field type to the Form editor area. Refer the topic Form Field Types for more information on each field type supported by Zoho Creator.
  2. Specify various parameters for the added field, like the Field Name, Field Deluge Name, Making the field mandatory, defining permissions, customizing field appearance etc. under Field Properties


    • Drag and drop to re-arrange the order of fields in a Form.
  3. When the Application is accessed, users can enter data into the fields and submit the Form.

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